I’m Jenni Laplow, and I am a freelance writer. I am also penning to publish my women’s fiction debut. I share a lot of my writing samples and online articles on this website, thank you for being here!

My writing journey started when I was young, I always remember wanting to be a published writer. I was born in Midland, MI where I grew up in a family surrounded by storytelling and books.

I’ve taken all kinds of writing classes, written a lot of poetry, blogged as SAHM who blogs, and had multiple online publications. I also participate in NaNoWriMo every November.

I have writing dreams to publish a book. I have writing goals to never stop writing.

Currently Writing:

“I’ll Stand Up For You” women’s fiction, writing first draft. A comedic and spicy romance that will make you LOL and ask for more. Vic has never been a comedian, but for that man she’d agree to do anything. Nick Smith is a popular boy from high school, and twenty years later he is still hot stuff and thinks he’s funny enough to do stand up. Break a leg. Vic’s opening act gets laughs like he wants, but it opens up their chemistry from younger years including all of the combustion. Their history is telling how they won’t end up together, or is almost forty their time?

Recent Posts:

The Audition Experience

I grew up in the 90’s attending shows at Midland Center for the Arts. I fondly remember being dressed in my Sunday best walking the red carpet to my assigned seat in the auditorium to watch ballets, operas, and plays, to name a few productions. There was a joy in keeping the program or getting signatures…

NaNoWriMo 2022

National Novel Writing Month is happening soon, Nov. 2022 will be here in a NaNo second. This is only my second year participating, but I know a little about what to expect. I will get words written. I will meet daily word goals. I will win word races. I will chat with like-minded writers about…

A Love Letter To Atreyu

I woke up in 2022 and made a decision that “if one of my favorite bands visits the area I will see them.” I am totally ready to rock and excited to say I will be seeing Atreyu this June at the Fillmore in Detroit. Did I say VIP tickets in June, hey! If I…

Highly Sensitive Person

I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) and I discovered this about myself, as an adult, even though this is who I have been my whole life: someone with high sensitivity. Could it be as simple as: “because the sky is blue it makes me cry?” Yes, I agree that it can be relatable to…


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