I’m Jenni Laplow, and I am writing my first novel.

My Women’s Fiction idea “Mandy & Mia” has been accepted and is available for voting at Something Or Other Publishing. Once I reach 1,000 VOTES, SOOP will publish my book!

My writing journey started when I was young, I always remember wanting to be a writer. I was born in Midland, MI where I grew up in a family surrounded by storytelling and books, and I’ve had some great English teachers.

I graduated from Central Michigan University and moved to Metro-Detroit with my (now) husband, Randy. We live in the Lakes Area with our two daughters, one puggle and one calico cutie.

I’ve taken all kinds of writing classes, written a lot of poetry, blogged as SAHM who blogs and had multiple online publications. I also participated in NanoWriMo 2021.

Recent Posts:

I am Accepting Defeat

November 28, 2021 Dear NanowriMotown, I was afraid the holiday would steal my word-stride, it would kick me off the wagon and make it much more daunting to meet the 50K winning word count by end of month. I now have two days left with 12,313 words to go. That means I need to get… Continue reading I am Accepting Defeat

NaNoWriMo 2021

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2021! My goal is to write 50K words to complete the first draft of Mandy & Mia. From November 1st to November 30th I will need to write an average 1,667 words a day. It’s not going to be easy, but I… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2021

Dear Whitney Cummings,

Dear Whitney Cummings, I’m reaching out to you because you’re a great writer and I look up to you as a published author. After I finished reading your book, I’m Fine…and other lies, there was a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that you’re fine, and I had a self-realization that I’m fine too. I… Continue reading Dear Whitney Cummings,


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