I want to grow up to be…a writer!
Since I was a child, I have wanted to publish a fiction book. I am writing my first novel and my idea has been accepted at Something Or Other Publishing for voting!

Most Recent:

Vote for my book on SOOP!

A single mother, Mandy, and her teenage daughter, Mia, are separately fighting for attention from the men in their lives. They have a traumatic past, and Mandy’s alcoholism brings them to a place of ultimatums as a broken family. VOTE for my fiction book idea on SOOP! Featured on Something Or Other Publishing Ranked no.… Continue reading Vote for my book on SOOP!


Do you need an editor? Are you a writer, blogger, or creative looking for a new pair of eyes to read your work? While I’ve started writing my first novel, I have also been providing editing services to other writers. A lot of the creatives I help have the ideas and words down, but they… Continue reading Editing

Davey’s Birth Story

This is my second child’s birth story. Ever since the beginning she has been compared to her older sister. Before she was born, we already knew it was not going to be a natural birth, like her older sister, but a c-section. Davey was very comfortable in a (breached) seated position, so we scheduled a… Continue reading Davey’s Birth Story

The Sunflower Journals

As I grew sunflowers…I learned lessons,I grew in patience and gratitude.These are my 2020 Sunflower Journal entries. The broken sunflower. Snapped, or something.In an instant—gone.Nowhere to be seen.And it won’t grow back,so I’m forced to say goodbye. The sunflower sisters. Growing together,in the same soil.Under the same sun,they look over each otheralways and forever.This love… Continue reading The Sunflower Journals

Character Desire

As I aspire to develop my characters further and write more words in my novel, I took the time to develop each character’s desire. That has shown to be a driving force in creating conflict, so it has proven to be helpful as I try to continue writing all the words. Here are some of… Continue reading Character Desire

Character Sketch

Start Writing Fiction | Week 5 Character Sketch Assignment: Choose one of the methods below, one which is least familiar to you, one you have never tried before: Imagine a character very like you but give them a dramatic external alteration. You might make the character the opposite sex, for example, or make them significantly… Continue reading Character Sketch

Poetry Submissions

I was inspired when I saw a writing contest on Instagram hosted by @thewritingkingdom The criteria for the poetry category was: write a poem about grief, loss, or/and sadness. I definitely have a few of those in my writing collection, so it was a blast to pull them out and bring them to life again… Continue reading Poetry Submissions


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