Writing my first novel

August 2020 –> While I have been trying to get WORDS written, it has been difficult with the coronacoaster surrounding us. My kindergarten-aged daughter will be home-schooled/ virtual-schooled (whatever I can do-schooled) as I am also a part time essential employee, with another daughter under the age of two. So, like I said I am trying to get WORDS written when I can, and lately that is almost never. I’m glad my publishing goal is many (many?) years away…

Currently –> First Draft is 7 chapters long and 11,691 words

End Goal –> 18 chapters long and at least 30,000 words

Publishing Goal –> Before I’m 40 (and if you know the answer to that, I’d like you to consider joining my beta-readers list!) Contact me HERE.

Meet the Main Characters

Meet the Men Characters

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