Writing my first novel

November 2021 I’m participating in NaNoWriMo with a 50K word goal to finish the final draft.

July 2021 –> 600 VOTES to go for publishing contract
Current Word Count –> 18,192
First Draft Goal –> 40-50K words
Publishing Goal –> w/SOOP (before I turn 40)

April 2021 –> I had no writing goals entering 2021, I just need to make progress. Writing words has been difficult, so I’ve been doing something else I enjoy: editing. Not only editing the beginning of my own novel, but also on the side as service for other creatives. I have been looking for a writing mentor or guide (writing and publishing a novel is all new to me) and while I may not have found a professional to help me, I have found support in the writing community, bookstagramers, and other creatives on Instagram. I think we are all professionals in our own area of expertise.

Publishing my novel will be one of my biggest learning curves, but I have been introduced to a whole new publishing platform through Something Or Other Publishing. SOOP is a new opportunity that is out there waiting for me as a debut author.

My book idea has been accepted and is available for voting at SOOP.

Please take the time to vote for my novel today!

August 2020 –> While I have been trying to get words written, it has been difficult with the coronacoaster surrounding us. My kindergarten-aged daughter will be home-schooled/ virtual-schooled (whatever I can do-schooled) as I am also a part time essential employee, with another daughter under the age of two. So, like I said I am trying to get words written when I can, and lately that is almost never. I’m glad my publishing goal is flexible and many (many?) years away…

Currently –> First Draft is 7 chapters long and 11,691 words
End Goal –> 18 chapters long and at least 30,000 words
Publishing Goal –> Before I’m 40
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