The Audition Experience

I grew up in the 90’s attending shows at Midland Center for the Arts. I fondly remember being dressed in my Sunday best walking the red carpet to my assigned seat in the auditorium to watch ballets, operas, and plays, to name a few productions. There was a joy in keeping the program or getting signatures from performers following the show.

Fast forward to middle-aged me, moving back to Midland and attending my first theatrical show. I felt that spark of excitement all over again. I kept the program as a keepsake and, to say the least, I was in awe. To say a little more, I wanted to be on that stage. I could do that.

It was very easy to sign up as a volunteer through the Center for the Arts’ website, and that’s how I found out more about the auditioning opportunities. It’s encouraging to be involved in the community, and this is a great hands-on creative outlet. Sign me up!

So, I signed up to audition for “A Christmas Story” the musical. Now, if you look at my resume I have zero theatrical experience. I wish this would have been a red flag to me, but no the show must go on.

I am a creative at heart and growing up with music in my life I can decently read a sheet of music, and sing it. For the audition, I would need to sing 60 seconds of a song similar to that in the musical. 

I really don’t enjoy Christmas music outside of Dec. This should have been another red flag, but I thought it would be more festive if I didn’t sing a holiday tune. I can make The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” sound bright and cheery.

It was three days before the audition, and I started to get nervous. Another thing you may not know about me is that I have stage fright. You would think this would be my biggest red flag, but at this point I was committed to waving them all around. 

I’ve had previous on-stage experience speaking in front of large audiences, and the nerves are real: cold sweats, a hollowed stomach, and forgetting all the words. Since I challenged my fears back then and stuck to the script, I felt that being on stage was still possible. I switched my audition song to boost my confidence, I know this one really well there’s no way I’ll mess this up.

Welp, I messed up. I didn’t hit all the notes, dancing was intense, and I realized I didn’t have the drive. My ambition and talent are not musical, and looking ahead to two months of practice for eight total performances I already felt overwhelmed without a part.

I walked out of the audition with my head up that evening because it’s something I can say that I tried. I also had a fresh perspective on allowing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone. I knew I wouldn’t get a part, and I didn’t. 

There are many talented people in Midland, and I was told this musical had the largest auditioning turn-out as of recent. I give everyone from the kids to adults who auditioned a round of applause, we did it.

I will definitely be back in the audience soon enough to watch the community theater production of “A Christmas Story.” Those who made the show, congratulations, and break a leg lamp!

Buy Tickets through this link. They are selling fast! Performance dates are Dec. 2 through Dec. 11, 2022.