Renters Insurance – When renting a home or an apartment, you may find some landlords require renters insurance because it protects them against personal liability, in addition to protecting the tenant’s personal property.

Navigating Inflation – Inflation is currently at a high and has not shown signs of going down since 2021. But what is inflation exactly? How can you navigate it, while also accommodating your lifestyle or needs?

Taxes 101 – It is important to file your income taxes each year. Here are some basic reminders on how to properly prepare for filing. 

Ways to Drop Your Grocery Bill – Purchasing food is a necessity, so how do you save on that price tag?

Pet Budgeting for the Year – Fur babies are valued members of our families, so it is important to financially prepare for them like you would any other member. Here are some categories to be sure to include in your budget for your pet this upcoming year.

Deadshot Welding & Repair offers craftmanship to region – Matt Craycraft comes from a long line of craftsmen. Today, the 24-year-old Coleman man owns and operates his own welding business.

Priest turns 100 – Another Midland County resident has joined the 100-year club. John R. Priest, a World War II veteran and Dow retiree, turned 100 years old on Oct. 21.

Cultivate Coffee & Tea brews drinks, relationships – It’s not about the hot drinks at Cultivate Coffee & Tea located in the Midland Mall – it’s about the relationship building.

‘Contemplating Fire – Joan of Arc’ to host world premiere in Midland – The world premiere of “Contemplating Fire – Joan of Arc” is set to perform Oct. 1-2 at Bullock Creek Auditorium.

Taste of Downtown returns from hiatus on Sept. 15 – Midland’s Taste of Downtown to return from eight-year hiatus on Sept. 15 and will feature 13 businesses.

Emerging Artists exhibit returns to Creative 360 – Emerging Artists Exhibition returns for its second year at Creative 360 in Midland, Michigan. The exhibit continues through Oct. 16.

A Letter to My Daughter About Christmas Stress

As prime Christmas stress-time seems to be approaching, I am reminding myself of the advice I would share with my daughter when she is an adult. It’s helpful writing this out so that it will help me get through it, just as it’s important to share these words with her one day. Dear Charlotte, Christmas…

Yes, Moms – We Can Do What We Love

Children are raised to believe they can grow up and do anything. I was raised believing this, and I plan on raising my own children with the same mentality. This is my story, and how I’m able to say that “I do something I love.” When I was younger I loved writing, drawing, and doing…

How My Counselor Made Me Happy Again

I did it. I signed up to see a counselor. It’s been well over 8 years since I last met with a counselor: I was in college with bouts of depression and eating disorders. With counseling available through my university, it was an opportunity to speak with someone about my troubles and for free. I…

I’m Not OK Today

After a long day at work, my husband bursts through the front door loudly singing an upbeat song which I’m sure he heard on the radio during his drive home. Heck, I heard him singing all the way up the front steps, he doesn’t even need to announce, “Honey, I’m home!” He is the perfect picture of…