Craft of Character | Notes

These are my notes from the Craft of Character online writing class. WEEK 1 🌐 Conception The heart of character is who matters to you. Not who you think will be interesting to other people, but what you care about. The heart of an interesting character is somebody that you’ve developed in your imagination, and… Continue reading Craft of Character | Notes

Craft of Character

Craft of Character This 4-week long course is by Wesleyan University on Coursera Amy Bloom does an excellent job in this course, a lot of my notes are words that she said throughout the course. I learned about and was reaffirmed of many key elements that are important for character development and character dialogue. I… Continue reading Craft of Character

Start Writing Fiction

Start Writing Fiction This 8-week long course is by The Open University on As I embark on writing my first novel, it’s done alongside this course. In the first two weeks there has been opportunity to find my own writing space and journaling style. I am also learning from other writers, listening to other… Continue reading Start Writing Fiction