Tell Us About Your Writing Process

I was recently asked to answer this question: Tell Us Your Writing Process, in 500 words or less. I think it’s a topic that could be taken in many different directions, but it really made me think about writing process being a “place.” This was my response:

My writing process is intentional. It doesn’t matter where I write, when I write or what I write on, but I need to be writing with purpose. So, I suppose any process works for me as long as I am able to deliberately sit and write what I need to write. I have heard authors who speak of writing as a “madness” that could hit at any time and you need to be ready to write out all ideas, words and thoughts. I am definitely not a fan of madness, so that is why I try to plan my creative time, or writing time, outside of my time 1) being a mom, 2) working and 3) doing house chores. I honestly don’t have time to write all the words I want. My husband told me I should “write at night,” after all responsibilities for the day are done. I don’t think I’ve adopted that process because I truly enjoy my beauty sleep.

Right now, I have a preference to type on my laptop sitting on the couch or sitting on my bed. Both locations potentially include at least one of my daughters, but I prefer the silence of writing alone. Sometimes I will listen to music for a “mood” when I write, or have a drink for inspiration. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a recurring writing time to look forward to. If I have to sit down and write something, I don’t do chores that day.

Funny, right? I know my response was well under 500 words, but it has since made me think 1) about scheduling creative time and 2) where could I go to write, where it’s quiet, and what if I have a kid with me?

A Library.

I have many Libraries around me in the Oakland County, Suburban Detroit Lakes Area. I was able to create a list of 12 locations that I’m interested in traveling to find a quiet place to write. I will challenge my writing process to include these different locations, so I hope to share my Library writing experiences with you!

  • Commerce Township Library –>4 miles away
  • Brighton District Library –>21 miles away
  • Clawson Blair Memorial Library –>33 miles away
  • Milford Public Library –>8 miles away
  • Northville District Library –>11 miles away
  • Novi Public Library –>9 miles away
  • Salem-South Lyon District Library –>17 miles away
  • Walled Lake City Library –>3 miles away
  • Waterford Township Public Library –>14 miles away
  • White Lake Township Library –>8 miles away
  • Wixom Public Library –>4 miles away
  • West Bloomfield Township Library –>9 miles away

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