The Sunflower Journals

As I grew sunflowers…
I learned lessons,
I grew in patience and gratitude.
These are my 2020 Sunflower Journal entries.

The broken sunflower.

Snapped, or something.
In an instant—gone.
Nowhere to be seen.
And it won’t grow back,
so I’m forced to say goodbye.

The sunflower sisters.

Growing together,
in the same soil.
Under the same sun,
they look over each other
always and forever.
This love story is true—
sisters won’t stray
from their roots.

The Older One

She grew taller, faster.
She always loomed over you,
and then she bloomed first.

The Crooked Sister.

She was a sister.
She started crooked.
She survived crooked.
She grew strong.
She was beautiful.

Past its bloom.

There was a time—
in full bloom.
But, now it is
a time, already
so long ago.
I enjoyed 
watching you
through it all.
The growth.
The bloom.
The story,
you left behind
is the story
that will lead
others into
growth and
they too—
will bloom.

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