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Reading Book and Activity | The Tortoise and the Hare

The current virtual school situation for my Kindergartner is a new thing for me. I’m finding that as I navigate this unknown amount of screen time, I’m trying to fit in as many story times, crafts & activities, exercise time and social time for my five year old daughter that I can.

My personal creative time has turned into “Mommy Teacher” prep time instead. Since I am a creative person, I thought taking a classic story, like The Tortoise and the Hare, and adding talking points and questions, with a crafty activity, would be fun!

I have a mixture of self-taught and learned skills to make a decent picture book (with clip art) just like my preschool teacher Grandma Jeanie used to do. She also loved turtles, so you can imagine as I’m making this particular picture book, I thought about her a lot, and if she were alive today, she would probably tell me that even though these are difficult times, I am ‘a good mother and keep doing what you’re doing for the kids.’

Parents are making hard decisions during this time and stepping it up with K-12 schooling alongside their children!

I hope that you would like to share this classic story with your child, please click for the free download and you’ll instantly get a (PDF) version. [The questions and activity page are geared for preK-3rd grade, but could always be altered for use at any age.]

The Tortoise and the Hare for immediate download!

Save paper by downloading the PDF book on a tablet, and only print the final pages: Cut & Color [pg. 17] and Activity Page [pg. 18].

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