My Favorite Young Adult Novels

Growing up, I always had a story that I was getting lost in. I would tote around the John Grisham book I was reading between classes when I was in high school, and when I was in elementary school I looked forward to the 4th grade reading day where we would sit in bean bag chairs and eat snacks while we read any book…for hours! As I read all those fiction books, my young mind filled with new words and ideas—I felt that I could be the one to write a story like that because, alongside reading I enjoyed writing just as much.

While my #shelfie today doesn’t include a thick John Grisham novel, it includes a wide selection of books that I have kept throughout the years. A lot of the books, are ones I read in my childhood and young adult years. The books stacked to the left are by Roald Dahl. I collected as many of his books that I could when I was growing up—and I read them all. Most importantly, I kept them all to read with my children one day.

Out of my entire stack of Dahl books, my favorite is The Witches.

The Witches by Roald Dahl

Some of the ideas in the story are so out-of-this mind, but Roald Dahl does a great job telling a story with vivid characters. The Witches was adapted into a movie in 1990, and I think it’s an awesome movie that doesn’t stray too far from the book!

The next book in my #shelfie is Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. This was my absolute favorite book growing up, I probably read it a hundred times. My second daughter’s name is Davey, which is coincidentally the lead female character’s name. Tiger Eyes is about Davey’s journey navigating an uprooted life following the traumatic death of her father.

I encourage you to first read the 1981 book and second watch the 2012 movie that was directed by Judy Blume’s son, Lawrence Blume.

As you scroll through the rest of my #shelfie I’d like to point out a few more from my collection:

Stepping on the Cracks by Mary Downing Hahn
This was one of the first historical fiction young adult novels that I read, and I fell in love with reading stories in the past…

Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman
This television show is my guilty pleasure, so I have the inside on the show now…

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Journal
My friends and I journaled in here as teens, so it’s fun to look back on as a memoir…

Bull Run by Paul Fleischman
My dad read this story to me as a girl, he’s a Civil War buff so you see some history books hidden on my shelf...

A Glimpse by Jenni Fisher My self-published poetry book, sorry not available on Amazon

What does your #shelfie look like today? What books have you kept from childhood and would you still read them today? Follow me on Instagram and share your #shelfie I’d love to see your books!

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