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Start Writing Fiction | Week 4

I decided to use my coursework this week and further develop one of my main characters, Mandy. Including some What If questions that really got me thinking.

Mandy finds little interest in anything outside of drinking or men. She has a teenage daughter who is very self-sufficient and Mandy finds herself going to her daughter for support when she is intoxicated and having a bad time with men. Her handle on reality is skewed because she is an heiress who doesn’t need to work for anything, and she has a drunken perspective on life ever since her parents died.

Standing next to her daughter: they are the same height, both have brown eyes, long hair, and their wardrobe is similar with a black tank, jeans and sneakers. Some would guess they are sisters. Mandy is very aloof but her beauty makes her approachable, and as you begin a conversation with her long and dark eyelashes, you begin to see her tiger eyes that hide behind a curtain of bangs. Her eyes tell a story and you want to hear more, but only if you indulge her with a drink first.

What if Mandy woke up and all her money was gone? I don’t think she would know what to do at first, so there would be a panic. Her money is what provides her lifestyle, and unless she’s ok being homeless with a teenage daughter she will have to go out and get a job. One of her first “woe is me” calls would probably be to her financial advisor, Vinnie. 

What if Mandy woke up and found herself in rehab? She would be in denial about having a problem. Not being able to have “a drink” is a problem and if she found herself in a rehab facility, I don’t think she would be willing to try sobriety today. She would probably try to find a way out, and calling her driver, Ferdinand, would be her first attempt.

What if Mandy woke up as a sixteen year old again—and she could redo her first date with Mia’s baby daddy, what would she do differently? If she doesn’t have sex at the end of the date, that would mean Mia would not be conceived. Is that a change that Mandy would be willing to take? While Mandy has wished many times for that night to have never happened to avoid an unwanted teenage pregnancy, difficult young adult years, and inability to keep a man around…not having her daughter there to take care of her today would be a huge loss.

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